Why Choose Refined Student Living to Manage your property?

Refined Student Living was created to fulfill the property management needs of student housing developers and owners.   Our goal is to maximize your properties potential while giving the residents the extraordinary living experience they desire.   We believe the best way to accomplish this is through great customer service to property residents, excellent communication with the ownership team, and a long term management perspective that ensures the quality of the property never diminishes.

Customer Service is crucial to the success of your property.  We provide the best possible customer service to our residents.   The Refined Student Living management system includes all property employee training, an integrated operating system for easy communication with residents, and creates the atmosphere and living experience that residents desire.

Refined Student Living strives to align our goals with the goals of the property owners.  This starts with a management contract that incentivizes RSL to accomplish what the owner’s desire.  We provide financial and property reports to the owners on a monthly basis to ensure they have a full understanding of their property performance at all times.   We actively manage the property to push it to its best potential.

The Refined Student Living long term management perspective means your property will be as good in ten years as it is today.  We provide preventative maintenance that helps minimize the cost of maintaining the property.   We follow a marketing plan that allows us to quickly transitions to word of mouth advertising to minimize marketing expense while maintaining long term brand equity.  Additionally, we constantly monitor market trends to ensure the property never falls from popularity.

Our Property Management Services:

  • Maximize property net income
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Integrated property management software
  • All operating and employee training
  • Cloud based office computer network
  • Monthly property and financial reports
  • Negotiate vendor contracts
  • Human Resources
  • Create, manage, and adhere to yearly budget
  • Fully integrated website
  • Property logo creation
  • Marketing content development
  • SEO and Social Media management
  • Yearly marketing strategy
  • Print, text, and email marketing
  • Resident social events
  • Property Maintenance and Turnover
  • Landscaping
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Warranty Management
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