Why you need Refined Student Living during the development phase?

Student housing has its own unique set of challenges. We utilize our experience to ensure that your property is built to meet those challenges.   We evaluate every aspect of your plans and make recommendations to increase the value and functionality of the property.  We also make recommendations of property service providers and coordinate with the builder to ensure that the proper infrastructure is installed to accommodate the approved services.

Our development consulting further includes an analysis of the market and competitors of your project. We gain a thorough understanding of the market where your project is located and make recommendations on unit mix, rental rates, and amenities to ensure your property meets the needs of your intended market.

The most important outcome of our development consulting is that your project seamlessly transitions from construction to operations and then operates at its highest potential.

Our Development Consulting Services:

  • Layout functionality analysis
  • Furniture, fixtures, and finishes analysis and recommendations
  • Equipment and hardware analysis and recommendations
  • Service provider recommendations
  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Property Branding
  • Ensure seamless transition at project completion
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